Introduction to Rifles is a firearms training course designed to instruct basic knowledge, skills and tactics associated with owning and operating the Rifle safely.

  • One on One instruction
  • Rifle knowledge and Handling
  • Characteristics of the Rifle
  • Disassembly and Maintenance / cleaning / lubrication
  • Fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • Zeroing the Rifle
  • Shooting Positions
  • Malfunctions
  • Ballistics
  • Gear and Gear Placement

This course is designed for the person with little to no knowledge of the Rifle or the shooter that has never attended any formal training on one and needs a refresher. This course is also beneficial for the shooter having trouble keeping consistent shots on target and needs to go back to basics. The one on one rifle training enables high information retention from the shooter.

The range portion of this course includes how to properly set zero on the Rifle utilizing proper sight-picture, trigger-control and breathing. It also covers the basic shooting positions and ready positions. Basic magazine changes and gear placement are also covered.

Ruger Precision Rifle

Slang terms


Point of impact 


Point of aim

Fouling a barrel

After cleaning a rifle before the competition Shot 2/3 rounds to maximize accuracy 


Ballistic coefficient


Always shot in the same place

Left wind / right wind 

Clean cold bore

First shot after cleaning a rifle


Accidental discharge


Negligent discharge 


Base to ogive


Cartridge overall length 


Barrel in the general  direction of somebody else 

Fire cracking 

Bore scope


Muzzle velocity

Checking water line


Spin drift

Aerodynamic jump croswind jump