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Are you looking to purchase a new Rifle? Guns 101 firearms instructor
Firearms academy South Florida 101 Firearms Academy

Do you have a rifle already but would you like to learn about how to safely use, store, and clean any of these firearms?

If you already own a rifle and want to learn more about your gun, or want to purchase one and you want basic training on it, the Introduction to Shooting course is right for you!

This one-on-one course is a thorough introduction to proper usage and handling. It includes Classroom and Range time.

Each student will complete live-fire exercises at the range after the classroom portion is complete.

The class is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific rifle action.

This class is offered by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call to schedule your 101 class.

Firearms Training in Broward CountyShooting Range

Firearms Training in Palm Beach CountyShooting-range

Thinking of buying a new rifle but don’t know which is best for you?

Have you purchased a new rifle but really don’t know much about it or how to get the best from it?

Then this 101 class will be a perfect fit for you.

Classroom / range training, will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of choosing and using rifles, whether it be bolt-action, lever-action or semi-automatic. The class provides students the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to build a solid foundation for owning and shooting the rifle of their choice.

101 firearms class :

– Firearm Safety

– Types of Rifle Systems

– Firearm Nomenclature

– Sighting Options

– Firearm / System Specific Anomalies

– Zeroing in the Rifle

– Loading and Unloading

– Maintenance

– Ammunition Selection

– Correct Stance

– Sighting

– Trigger Manipulation

– Recoil Management

– Slings and Other Accessory Selection

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